Soraya Fallah project with UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital

  Community Project: Soraya Fallah I have done many projects in the community; one of them was "Connecting two generations of adult immigrants and children admitted to Mattel Children's Hospital, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In the Spring of 2014, I launched a humanitarian initiative in one of the centers I was working, Olympus Adult Day Care Center in West Los Angeles, as part of my department's initiative, the Social and Psychological Department. I  led the project by contacting Mattel Hospital, University of California, Los Angeles, one of the largest research centers in the United States. Participants and clients of the Olympus Adult Center are adults of different nationalities and religious minorities, such as Iranians, Russians, Armenians, Kurds, Azeris, adults from Latin America, and American citizens who have participated in the project. I proposed to cooperate in collecting toys and donations as much as they wanted and write postcard

Women Leadership empowerment, in the DEI framework

  leadership, diversity and empowerment. Diversity, Equity and inclusion   Women are underrepresented in all areas of leadership. This can be solving if we play a role in leveling women up. One of the way is to emphasize and value the diverse and rich strengths that make potential women bold. This helps encouraging future generation of girls to have courageous enough to lead in our communities and serve the society they reside. There are a few practical ways to do this is holding an inclusive leadership forum that brings together women in different backgrounds, professions with different ideas. The sessions in different forums can address relevant topics within the specific field and provides practical tools and resources for attendees to implement at their activities and interest, business, workplace, educational place, activism, and…    

Community resources

  Community resources are a  group of services and/or assisted programme that are provided to the members of a community for free or at an affordable price . Each resources is made available to community members to help them become self reliant and maintain their human rights and well being. 

Fundraising hundreds of toys for school community


Dr. Soraya Fallah Receiving a Certificate of Appreciation for Healthy Habit and Wellness workshops

Along with many other wonderful coworkers who worked hard to conduct wellness workshops, I have received a recognition. This is great moment.  to respect privacy of my collogue, I covered her face.  

Dr. Soraya Fallah presentation about Healthy Start program in School


Dr. Soraya Fallah Parent Workshop for Healthy Habits and Wellness

  Session 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Session 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Healthy Start Projects in the advancement of the Collaboration Model for development of School-Community Partnerships

 A few pictures at a glance If you are interested in learning about my projects, please click this link which is also provided on the taskbar menu of this blog. Healthy Start Program @Liggett E.S 7/28/2022 Another great event, fundraising with Echoes of Hope, the executive director is amazing, helpful. Healthy Start Program held a big and wonderful assembly in the school. Macro Event:  Leading a Wellness Assembly in my school  Jun 2022 **************************************** Macro Event: PPE Project  In a weekly basis for 3 months, distributed about 1200 Personal Protective Equipments  ********************************** Healthy Start Program  staff  Soraya Fallah and one of the staff from Center Clothes Corner She allowed me to take pictures.  Center for Clothes corner Getting donations and gifts for my community from  The Volunteer League of the SFV (Center for Clothes corner), May 2022 ********************************************** Healthy