Women's History Month: Honoring Women in Education and Encouraging Self-Care

 Dr. Soraya Fallah message for Women History Month As we honor the remarkable contributions of women throughout history during Women's History Month, I would like to take a moment to celebrate the phenomenal women in education who shape our classrooms, work as administrators, advocate for parents and kids, and influence policies and communities every day. Our dedication, passion, and tireless efforts are truly commendable, and I am grateful for what we do. In addition to celebrating the achievements of women in education, I want to encourage each of you to prioritize self-care during Women's History Month and beyond. As educators and caregivers, we often devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the needs of others, sometimes neglecting our well-being in the process. Therefore, I challenge you to prioritize self-care this month by taking small steps to nurture your physical, mental, and emotional health. Whether practicing mindfulness, engaging in regular exercise, setting aside

Black History Month


Wellness Activity: Affirmation Empowerment Circle

  Wellness Activity: Affirmation Empowerment Circle Time needed: 5-10 minutes Created by: Dr. Soraya Fallah Objective: This activity aims to cultivate a positive and empowering team environment by allowing each member to share a self-affirmation and receive encouragement and support from their teammates. Instructions: Gather the Team: Bring all team members together in a comfortable and secure space. Request everyone close their eyes, take a few deep breaths to center themselves, and gently shake their bodies. Initiating the Affirmation Circle: Select a volunteer to commence the affirmation circle. This person will express a word or a brief phrase representing a positive quality or trait about themselves. They will also raise their hand as they say it. The word/phrase can be light-hearted, appropriate, or even an exaggerated term. Sharing Positive Affirmations: The chosen person begins by stating their affirmation. For example, they might say "Strength"

Leadership style in a diverse community for equity and inclusivity of all

    As the new year unfolds, bringing with it fresh realizations and decisions often referred to as resolutions, I reflect on my leadership style. When questioned about it, I prioritize people, with a specific focus on promoting inclusivity and empowerment, aiming to inspire and motivate others. Emphasizing the significance of relationships, including those promoting gender equality, I establish clear goals to guide our collective efforts. Instead of focusing solely on myself, I empower my team, emphasizing inclusivity, through coaching and fostering growth, actively collaborating to solve problems for shared success. Consistently conveying my steadfast belief in innovation, I am dedicated to promoting it as a driving force, fostering an environment that encourages everyone, regardless of background or identity, to contribute their unique perspectives. As an agent of change, with a commitment to inclusivity, I readily adapt to new challenges, grounding my actions in a visionary appro

Team's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in promoting the holistic well-being of the LAUSD community.

  In December 2023, Soraya Fallah's outstanding contributions to the Wellness Program at the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Department of Health and Human Services were further highlighted. Alongside a diverse and inclusive team of dedicated coworkers, Soraya played a pivotal role in organizing and conducting the Walk to Wellness Workshop series for parents and the community. This collaborative effort not only showcased Soraya's leadership skills but also demonstrated the team's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in promoting the holistic well-being of the LAUSD community. The recognition received is not only a testament to Soraya's individual accomplishments but also acknowledges the collective impact of the team that worked tirelessly to foster a sense of belonging and equality through innovative wellness initiatives. As the year concludes, Soraya and her diverse and inclusive coworkers stand as exemplary advocates for positive change within t

"Empowering Families and Communities: A Fulfilling Three-Month Workshop Journey!"

  "Empowering Families and Communities: A Fulfilling Three-Month Workshop Journey!" Dr. Soraya Fallah "Walk to Wellness" aims to foster physical fitness, mental health, community cohesion, and education, promoting healthy living, disease prevention, family bonding, environmental awareness, and empowerment within a community through regular walking and wellness activities. Parents, particularly women empowerment was the main component of this series. They are equipping participants with the knowledge, skills, and support to take control of their health and make positive lifestyle changes. To accomplish this, I developed distinct themes tailored to align with the identity of my school. These themes encompassed aspects like physical and mental health, diabetes, cardiovascular health, building self-esteem, and strategies for staying motivated. In each session, I introduced a nutritious recipe to underscore the significance of our dietary choices and promote heal